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We specialise in the following areas:

Do not feel as if there is no one you can confide in. Never feel that your issues maybe
insignificant. We listen - we do not make judgments. Talking your problems through
with a neutral party can often be beneficial, allowing your issues to be managed
with more perspective.

Life Coaching
Not achieving what you want - never quite finishing what you set out to do - looking
back on missed opportunities. We can help you attain your goals no matter how small
or large. It is not as difficult as you may think with our guidance and support. Never
feel that you can not achieve, you can!

Stress Management
We can help you cope with the everyday stresses of life. Stress can have undesirable
side affects. Minor issues can sometimes become too big to overcome, we can help you
to control and maintain a perspective balance in your life.*

Anger Management
Difficulty in controlling your anger - we can show you how. Do not let anger take over
your life. Instead of being controlled by normal emotion that has become to dominate
you. Learn how to remain calm and appreciate life again.

Depression Management
Struggling with everyday life, feeling low? We listen, support, encourage and guide you
through the issues that maybe causing you to feel this way.*

All our services are on a one-to-one basis, carried out in your chosen surroundings,
and in the strictest confidence. You may only require a few sessions, maybe longer,
let you choose. We do not pressure you at any time, and you are free to
withdraw from
our services at any point.

*Note: If you are receiving treatment from your doctor, we will not intervene and
recommend you continue to heed his/her guidance.

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Positive Lifestyle Management
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